TRD adds much carbon to the Toyota Supra

By topgear, 21 May 2019

Manufacturers these days will often do all they can to stop tuners or garage tinkerers from fiddling with their cars. In reality though, that was never going to be an option for Toyota with the new Supra. 

The 2JZ-engined Mk4 was a tuner’s dream and its appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise only served to fuel the trend. That car – the A80 – helped to make ‘Supra’ a byword for aftermarket parts, and the new one is set to follow in the footsteps of its father.

Toyota is leading the way from the inside – as you can see above, its very own in-house racing division TRD has already released details of its first line of accessories. Be warned, there’s plenty of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic ahead.

The parts certainly make the Supra look more aggressive – although we’d secretly hoped for a massive Mk4-style wing – but they also have some aerodynamic functionality.

The front spoiler for example increases downforce at high speed, whilst reducing ground clearance by around 14mm. Will anyone be able to feel that? We doubt it, but at least you’ll be able to tell your mates about it. 

The side skirt and beautifully-named ‘door garnish’ also help the flow of air around the sides of the car and again add to that more sporting look.

What do you think? Do these TRD parts improve the look of the Supra, or will you be waiting for the independent tuners to have a go?