Travis Pastrana is doing Gymkhana 11

By topgear, 29 May 2020

Here’s some news we weren’t expecting. For the eleventh Gymkhana video, Kenny from the Block - Mr Gymkhana himself - is letting someone else do the driving. None other than Travis Pastrana will star in the next film, which should be released sometime later this year.

Pastrana has appeared in Gymkhana videos before, of course. In Gymkhana Five (the one in San Francisco) he made a brief cameo on a dirt bike, while in Gymkhana Ten he popped up mid-way through the credits.

In another departure from the norm, in Gymkhana 11 Pastrana will drive an unspecified (though no doubt outrageous) Subaru. A Ford of some description has starred in every Gymkhana video for the last ten years.

No word on a location yet, but we do know the film will be produced and directed by the same team that’s done all of Block’s videos. So it ought to look pretty spectacular.

But don’t worry – apparently Block will be back. After all, he’s still got to make the Hoonifox a reality. In an interview (just, erm, ignore the bit where we say it’ll star in Gymkhana 11) last month, Block told us the Fox-body Mustang could well be powered by electricity, and that he’d love to shoot a “a sort of Miami Vice homage” down in Florida.

On Instagram Block said he was “stoked” to see what Pastrana and Hoonigan comes up with for Gymkhana 11, because “Travis gets wild in different ways than I do”. Us too, Ken, us too. More as we have it.