Toyota has built a targa-topped A90 Supra

By topgear, 06 January 2021

As fans of the Fast & Furious franchise will know, the A80 Toyota Supra was available both as a coupe and a targa-topped roadster. 

Until now, the new A90 has only been available as a coupe - its BMW Z4 half-cousin covering off the convertible bit - and despite what you see in the images above, that’s not going to change any time soon. Sorry.

You see, this is the GR Supra Sport Top, a one-off concept based on the retro-look Heritage Edition from 2019’s SEMA show

Like most of the world around us, SEMA moved online for 2020, and Toyota subsequently decided that an open-topped Heritage Edition might cheer us all up a bit. Top work, now to put it into production…

The roof panels here were actually 3D printed by Toyota’s Research and Development team in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the rest of the body has been strengthened to maintain structural integrity. There’s all of the Heritage Edition’s visual upgrades too – including that brilliant rear wing – as well as a power hike from the standard 340bhp to a nice round 500bhp. 

There’s also Brembo brakes and adjustable coilover suspension, as well as a reworked diffuser and a custom exhaust setup.

What do we think, Internet? Is Toyota foolish to keep it a concept?