Toyo Proxes CR1 launched in Malaysia from RM160 apiece

By daryl, 20 November 2020

Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia has officially introduced the Toyo Proxes CR1 to the local market. The Japanese brand's latest set of footwear is targeted at passenger cars and SUVs, with the touted selling points being reduced road noise, enhanced safety, better performance and a comfier ride; the typical quartet you'd expect from any new tyre being launched these days. 

Of course, there is some science to back Toyo's claims. For starters, the Proxes CR1 has wide circumferential grooves that dispel water from the contact area more effectively for better wet performance. The triple taper rib design and multi-wave sipes help prevent uneven wear while a jointless cap ply improves high speed performance. There are also clever-sounding, propriety technologies like T-Mode and Nano Balance that are supposedly responsible for better driving comfort and refinement. Compared to its predecessor, the Proxes CR1 is 11 percent quieter and 2 percent less susceptible to aquaplaning. There's a lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy too. 

If you're convinced by these USPs, the good news is that the new tyre covers a vast selection of sizes. Priced from RM160 to RM440, the Proxes CR1 passenger car tyre is available in 36 sizes ranging to 14- to 18-inch wheel diameters. Meanwhile, the Proxes CR1 SUV is sold in nine sizes for rims ranging between 17 to 19 inches in size. These are naturally costlier, ranging from RM380 to RM580 instead.

Perhaps this snapshot of the price difference between SUV and passenger car tyres can help you decide on the body style of your next new car.