TopGear Malaysia Merdeka Stig Giveaway

By topgear, 16 August 2019

As we approach Merdeka 2019, TopGear Malaysia is giving away exclusive Stig merchandise to lucky readers on a daily basis. Every weekday from 16 to 30 August 2019, stand a chance to win a Stig Lego keychain and two Stig on Board window signs in just three simple steps. All you need is your
smartphone – it’s that easy!

STEP 1: Visit
Visit TopGear Malaysia’s official website for the latest automotive news and reviews

STEP 2: Take a screenshot
Take a screenshot of your favourite article that was posted on the day of contest submission

STEP 3: Share on Instagram
Share the screenshot via Instagram stories and mention us @topgear_malaysia in the same post

Terms and conditions
1. Only one winner will be selected per day (You can enter as many times as you want, but once you have won a prize you won't be able to win again)
2. Contest is open every weekday from 16 August 2019 to 30 August 2019
3. Contest is only open to contestants currently residing in Malaysia
4. Please ensure that your entry is publically visible on Instagram
5. Winners will be contacted via PM
6. Prize includes 1 (one) Stig Lego keychain and 2 (two) Stig on Board window signs. Flag and keyfob pictured not included
7. TopGear Malaysia reserves the rights to amend the terms above if necessary


List of Winners

19th August 2019 - @john_veleno

20th August 2019 - @aaronlimzhien

21st August 2019 - @tommylcly

22nd August 2019 - @daniel

23rd August 2019 - @davidbzw95

26th August 2019 - @jasonlk

27th August 2019 - @maxtan