This wild Toyota Supra will race in Super GT

By ahmadzulizwan, 13 January 2019
Toyota Supra SuperGT

Good news – the new Toyota Supra is going racing.

Starting in 2020, a GT-spec Supra will compete in Japan’s Super GT Championship. Previewed by a suspiciously finished-looking concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, plan is for the Supra to run in the top-flight GT500 class, which this year was won by Jenson Button and teammate Naoki Yamamoto in their Honda NSX-GT.

For the 2020 season Super GT is adopting ‘Class One’ rules developed together with DTM, which unifies the two series’ technical regulations. The Supra will therefore use a 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine producing over 600bhp, for top speeds of more than 290kph.

The last Supra competed in the JGTC (Super GT’s forerunner – the name changed in 2005) from 1995. It won Toyota four championships, before it was phased out in the mid-Noughties in favour of the Lexus SC430. Lexus has represented Toyota in Super GT ever since, most recently with the 2017 championship-winning LC500.

Meanwhile the roadgoing Supra will FINALLY be revealed at the Detroit Motor Show, which starts in a few days’ time. Its spoiler will almost certainly not be this big.