This special edition Bentley GTC celebrates HORSES

By topgear, 10 March 2020

To make a bit of a splash, Mulliner’s first proper project was the £1.5million (approx. RM8.17million) Bacalar speedster. Day to day, though, its role will be to tailor any Bentley model to a client’s specific taste. By the looks of things, every car will be a one-off.

And so, to the real reason we’re here – new-age Mulliner genesis in the form of a special edition Continental GTC. Can you guess this customer’s favourite pastime?

Yep, this is the Equestrian Edition, complete with diamond quilted tweed fabric, Saddle Hide leather, Burr Walnut veneer and “unique Horse and Rider silhouette emblems”. Must resist the temptation to make a terrible horsepower joke. Must resist the temptation to make a terrible horsepower joke…

Apparently, the Equestrian Edition GTC was inspired by Cheltenham racecourse and the Cheltenham Festival – handy given that the racing begins today…

Even that lovely ‘Spruce’ exterior paint has been specially commissioned, though, and tenuous special edition or not, we still reckon it looks mega when combined with those blacked-out details.

What else would you like to see Mulliner take inspiration from, Internet?