This modified Mil-Spec F150 eats Raptors for breakfast

By topgear, 08 April 2020

If you’re into hugely-expensive modified Hummers (and let’s be honest, who isn’t) you might be aware of Michigan-based tuner/restomodder Mil-Spec. Now though, the company has branched out to take on America’s second favourite son – the Ford F150. 

We know what you’re all thinking – why not just buy a Raptor? Well, Ford currently only offers the Baja-style pickup with an EcoBoost V6. Mil-Spec’s F150 uses a naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 producing 500bhp. Nice.

You might even end up buying the Mil-Spec for its press release material alone. We love quotes like “bring the brawn with a new line of special edition high-performance supertrucks made for conquering”, and that it’s for “enthusiasts looking to dominate the road and beyond”. 

There’s no getting away from it, so we’ll tell you the price now. It’s US$85,000 (approx. RM369,750). You do get long-travel Baja Suspension with a variety of Fox Racing parts and up to 11-inches of wheel travel, though. Plus it’s seven inches wider than a Raptor.

You also get new high-performance, electric power steering and a steering wheel with magnesium paddle shifters and centre-line stitching to match. 

Then there’s the looks, which are dominated by two fantastic lightbars. We love lightbars. And look at those wheels. Mil-Spec refers to these, and things such as the steel front and rear bumpers, as “delightfully brutish upgrades”.

You can get the Mil-Spec in four colours – black, white or two different types of grey – and the roof rack and spare tyre carrier are part of a US$8,600 (approx. RM37,410) Baja Exterior Appearance Package. Expensive yes, but oh so worth it.