This McLaren F1 with only 390km on the clock just sold for over RM87m

By topgear, 17 August 2021

1995 McLaren F1 with only 390km sells for over RM87m

Remember the lightly infuriating McLaren F1 with 243 miles (391 km) on the clock that was scheduled to cross the block at Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach sale? Yep, this one…

Well, we’re here to report that someone ended up paying $20.465m (RM86.7m) for the pleasure of never ever driving it in the future. Wouldn’t want to ruin that low-mileage time capsule USP after 26 years of appreciation, would you?

Anyway, that winning bid means a new record has been set for road-going F1s, surpassing the previous figure of $15.62m (RM66.2m) from back in 2017. Worth remembering that the estimate for this lovely Creighton Brown example was $15m+ (RM63m+). 

Oh, and to save you having to do the maths, the winning bid equates to something like £14.8m (RM86m). Thoughts and envy in the comments below, folks…