This mad motorbike desperately wants to be a car

By topgear, 21 February 2020

You’re not going mad – we’ve featured a very similar bike/quad/quadricycle/car thing on before. But this is a new bike/quad/quadricycle/car thing… and it’s still mental.

It’s the creation of crazy French motorbike and car fabricator, Lazareth. Technically, it is a quadbike. But with the wheels sandwiched so close together, they act more like a single wheel ­– meaning you can lean it into corners like a traditional motorbike. But four wheels equal cars, to us simpletons. 

Anyway, the quad bike we showed you last time was the LM 847. That had a slightly unbelievable 470bhp Maserati V8 engine at its heart and619Nm of torque to torch the rear tyres with. But now Lazareth has skimmed off a tinge of madness, by replacing the Maserati V8 with something more fitting, a 998cc four-cylinder borrowed from a Yamaha R1 superbike.

“The LM 410 is much more conventional than the LM 847. We designed it to be lighter, easier to handle, and accessible to a wider group of riders,” Lazareth claim.

No sh*t. You have to be clinically insane to think riding a near-500bhp V8-powered four-wheeled bike is normal. But we can just about get our heads around this one, as it’s an R1 with some extra rubber appendages. Actually we wouldn’t mind having a go.

But they’re not cheap, with only 10 being made and priced at £100,000 (RM540,364) apiece. Still, there are enough monied fruitcakes in the world who’d put their hand up for one. Are you one of them?