This is your first glimpse of Hyundai’s retro Ioniq 5 EV

By topgear, 14 January 2021

You may remember that Hyundai recently announced plans to release all of its EVs under a new sub-brand – Ioniq. At the time, it also said that Ioniq’s first car would be known simply as ‘5’ and that it’d be a crossover based on the retrotastic Hyundai 45 concept.

And now, sure enough, we’re getting our first glimpse of the Ioniq 5 – and it looks remarkably similar to the brilliant 45. Good news.

The 5 gets hatch-like ‘Parametric Pixel’ looks but will actually be a mid-size crossover, and those aero-optimised wheels are pretty big 20-inchers. It’s the first Hyundai vehicle to feature a clamshell bonnet too, which should look striking to say the least. 

It’s based on Hyundai and Kia’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and all we know so far stat wise is that it’ll manage 62 miles (100km) of range from a five-minute charge. Impressive, right?

Hyundai also says that the Ioniq 5 will feature a Vehicle to Load system that allows the car to power other home electronic devices. Bored of working from home? Pop out to the car and work on the driveway. Simple. 

What do we reckon Internet? Will Hyundai be able to transfer a retro concept’s looks into the real-world as Honda did with the e?