This is the, um, striking Lumma Design BMW X7

By topgear, 30 October 2019
Lumma Design X7
Lumma Design X7

BMW X7 a little too restrained for your liking? You’ll be needing this (and perhaps a quick visit to your local optician). This is the Lumma Design CLR X7 – a tuned and redesigned version of BMW’s mammoth SUV. 

Look at that body kit. The wheel arches apparently add 50mm on each side, and the madness at the front adds a whole heap of ‘get out of my way’. There’s larger air intakes, a new front splitter, a blacked-out grille and a full carbonfibre bonnet with hood scoop up there.

Round the back Lumma has fitted roof and lip spoilers – made from carbon of course – and there’s a new rear apron/diffuser combo that also includes a stainless-steel sports exhaust system. The wheels are mega 24-inchers.

The madness isn’t confined to the outside, though. Under the bonnet is the X7 M50i’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, only it’s now making a faintly ridiculous 680bhp rather than the standard 523bhp. That power boost comes from an ECU remap and the shouty exhaust, and Lumma says the 249kph limit on top speed has also been lifted. What the new max is, we don’t know - who’s brave enough to have a go?

We haven’t seen the interior, but Lumma says it can “become an elegant VIP lounge or alternatively a cockpit with motorsport flair.” Mmmm, tasteful.

Come on then, Internet – what do you reckon?