This is the lightly-updated Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

By topgear, 12 May 2021

Over half of the many, many thousands of Tiguan crossovers Volkswagen sells every year are of the longer, seven-seat variety. VW calls this version of its best-selling SUV the Tiguan ‘Allspace’. But to us it is, and will always be, the Volkswagen Biguan.

Newly updated for 2021 and beyond, the Biguan has been given a load of tech to bring it into line with the recently-updated regular Tiguan. The headlines are new connected infotainment with touch-sensitive climate controls (yuck), cleverer driver assistance systems, a strip of LEDs that connects the fancy new headlights and cleaner, greener petrol and diesel internal combustion engines. All worthwhile upgrades – well, except the climate controls – but there’s nowt here you haven’t seen before.

The Biguan is effectively the same car as the Skoda Kodiaq and Seat Tarraco sold in Europe – a family-first SUV into which you can squeeze a couple more kids than you can a normal Tiguan, Karoq or Ateca. Of the three we (in the UK) tend to prefer the Skoda, but really they’re all much of a muchness and move your brood around as safely, comfortably and reliably as each other.

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