This is the fantastically bonkers Suzuki Swift Sport Extreme

By topgear, 13 December 2019

Oh my word yes. All kinds of yes. This is the Suzuki Swift Sport Extreme concept, and it is absolutely fantastic in every way. We’ve found the hill. We’re hunkering in.

As soon as we saw the thing we knew we had to share it with you, our lovely TG readers. Unfortunately, we now feel rather guilty, because this thing is so far from ever being sold at a UK dealership that it actually hurts. 

That’s because it’s currently on display at the Thai Motor Show, and is a Suzuki Thailand production with no connection to the Japanese, European or UK markets. Booo.

What a wicked little thing it is though. It’s got an angry face, a proper front splitter and more bonnet scoops than you’d have thought would fit on there. Round the back there are also strange square exhaust exits and two spoilers. Lovely stuff.

Check out those contrast-coloured arches too – not that you could miss them of course. They give the Swift Sport Extreme a proper rally car profile despite the big wheels and low-profile tyres. 

So, Internet, we apologise for doing this to you, but isn’t the Extreme just the best thing you’ve seen all day?