This is Tesla’s 1,000,000th car

By topgear, 12 March 2020

According to a Musk tweet, Tesla has just built its 1,000,000th car. The red Model Y (effectively a taller, more spacious version of the Model 3, of which deliveries are about to begin in the States) rolled off the production line a few days ago.

Founded by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003, it’s taken the Californian company some 17 years to reach the million-car milestone. Elon Musk (and his chequebook) came onboard in 2004, two years before the first-gen Roadster was revealed and four years before it would actually go on sale.

The Model S went into production in 2012, followed by the X in 2015 and the 3 in 2017. Tesla started building the Model Y this year, while a second-gen Roadster and the Cybertruck should both materialise in the not-too-distant future.

Just last year Tesla started building cars at its third Gigafactory in China, and confirmed a fourth will be built just outside Berlin. So assuming everything keeps going well, it should arrive at the two million mark pretty quickly.

Images: Elon Musk on Twitter