This is an 800bhp Aston DBX with sideburns

By topgear, 17 December 2021

German tuner DMC turns up the wick on the big Aston with much carbon

“Front bumper tunnels” – that’s what German tuner DMC is calling the little carbon fibre sideburns on its modified Aston Martin DBX. Not a fan? Not to worry, you can have them painted to reduce the *interesting* visual impact.

Get a look round the back too – there’s a giant diffuser and two rear spoilers back there, plus twin exits for the new sports exhaust.

The twin-turbo V8 has also been worked on, with an ECU tune bringing power up to 797bhp and torque to 1,000Nm. Should be plenty. Zero to 100kph now takes just 3.8 seconds, and top speed is 326kph.

The Duesseldorf-based company will also retrim your interior using ‘fine Italian leathers’, wood trim and carbon fibre. 

Thoughts on the looks, folks?