This is already the 10,000th Lamborghini Urus

By topgear, 24 July 2020

News has rarely seemed as inevitable. The 10,000th Lamborghini Urus has rolled off the Sant’Agata production line, a mere two years after sales begun.

Which means it’s reached the landmark in half the time it took the little-pricier Huracán supercar to hit the same figure. The Porsche Cayenne first proved the ‘SUVs sell more than sports cars’ rule almost two decades ago, but some quarters of the TG office still haven’t fully made our peace with it.

The Urus has done so well, Lamborghini built it its own paint shop in 2019. Bringing us neatly to car number 10,000, destined for Russia and finished in ‘Nero Noctis Matt’, a new shade of black, complemented by a carbon fibre package outside and an orange cabin within. The latter in turn complemented by the masks of those who crafted it.

“This could be a momentous occasion,” we said when the Huracán reached five figures in 2018. “The last time a mid-engined, highly strung supercar was Lamborghini’s core car, at least by measure of production numbers. Which is a slightly emotional thought. Or is that just us?”

So, now that Lamborghini’s big seller really is a behemoth SUV, have the emotions hit you any harder?