This Ford truck was inspired by Marvel characters

By topgear, 24 September 2018

Ford doesn’t sell its big HGVs in Britain, which is a bit of a shame. Especially if, in the next few years, they start to look a bit like this.

The electric F-Vision was unveiled at this week’s Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, where Ford also displayed revised versions of the venerable Transit van.

Information is scant, and what little is out there is in Turkish (because that’s where the joint-venture that builds Ford’s trucks is based), but we have been able to gather its design was indeed inspired by characters from the Marvel universe, and that it features high-level autonomy. Apparently the bodywork moves about depending on what mode you’re in, too.

It’s obviously just a concept, and one so far-removed from what’s currently available, that nothing that even vaguely resembles it is likely to enter production anytime soon. Is that a bad thing?