This electric VW Golf has the powertrain from the ID.R

By topgear, 05 February 2020

Well this is interesting, isn’t it? At the recent GP Ice Race event in Austria, Volkswagen’s motorsport division unveiled a suspiciously quiet Golf racer. There aren’t many details on this thing as of yet, but we now know that this particular Golf was actually the test mule for VW’s wild ID.R EV prototype. 

We’ve covered the ID.R a fair bit over the past year or so, partly because it’s broken records at Pikes Peak, Goodwood, the Nürburgring and the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road, and partly because it looks incredible, produces 670bhp and 479lb ft of torque from its twin-electric motor all-wheel drive powertrain and made our Motoring Editor Ollie Marriage literally black out from its cornering g-forces.

Volkswagen calls it the eR1, and says it was built from the shell of a Golf GTI WTCR car, but that it hasn’t been designed to fit any specific race regulations. Yep, we won’t be seeing this in the new ETCR series any time soon.

That means the figures are unregulated, so we’re assuming it has the full-fat 670bhp, four-wheel drive setup from the ID.R, given it was initially built to develop that system. Crikey.

With VW committing to going fully-electric with its racing efforts, the eR1 will presumably continue to act as a test bed for both the ID.R and future developments. So, Internet, what would you like to see this EV powertrain plugged in to next?