This E46 M3 GTR would be the ultimate track day toy

By topgear, 28 October 2021

This E46 M3 GTR would be the ultimate track day toy

Well this is very exciting indeed. Australian platform Young Timers Garage has listed a V8-engined E46 M3 GTR Grand-Am racer for sale.

Young Timers Garage says this is the second of only two M3 GTRs fitted with BMW’s 4.6-litre S62 V8 (yep, the one from the E39 M5) – both of which were built by Tom Milner’s Prototype Technology Group to compete with the Porsche 911s in the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series back in the early Noughties. These aren’t to be confused with the pair of GTRs built for the American Le Mans Series, which were controversially given a race-bred 4.0-litre P60 V8. All are ridiculously cool, though. 

This particular GTR Grand-Am was fitted with a Hewland six-speed manual gearbox and raced in the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Grand-Am 400 Mile California and the Bathurst 24 Hour to name but a few.

Just check out the aero package on it too. Those wide arches, the mighty chin spoiler and the monumental rear wing come together to make what is surely one of the best-looking race cars of the 21st Century. 

Buy this particular example (for an as-yet undisclosed amount) and you’ll also get enough spares to practically build another car. Plus, there’s a spare set of wheels mounted with wet tyres and a spare set with intermediates, so whatever the weather at your next track day you’ll be able to frighten the life out of teenagers in Corsa VXRs and Mazda MX-5s. 

Any guesses as to the price, Internet?

Images: Niko French Media