This Dodge Durango has a 797bhp V8

By topgear, 08 May 2019

Welcome to a near-800bhp SUV, built specially by Dodge for this year’s One Lap of America rally.

OLOA is a week-long rally contested by about 80 teams. Said two-person teams, who are divided into different categories depending on what car they’re driving, stop at eight different race tracks spread across seven states to compete in time trials. They also have to make their way unaided between the tracks, driving over 6,400 kilometres on public roads over seven days, and aren’t allowed to change tyres.

SRT vehicle dynamics performance engineer David Carr and his teammate David Hakim won the Truck/SUV category last year in a standard Durango SRT, which uses a 475bhp V8 giving 0-97kph in 4.4 seconds. But for this year they’ve upped the anti with this thing - a one-off Durango that borrows the 797bhp V8 from the Challenger Hellcat.

Other modifications include a stainless steel, cat-back exhaust, lowering springs that drop the ride by 15mm, special 20in alloy wheels shod with Pirelli tyres borrowed from the Hellcat, big Brembo brakes and police-style livery with a light-bar. The second- and third-row of seats have been removed to save weight.

The rally started on May 4th and concludes on May 11th.