This 2021 Suzuki GSXR-1000R looks great in Matte Gray

By sep, 27 July 2021

The matte gray 2021 Suzuki GSXR-1000R will be launched in Japan first, but we'll probably get some soon

2021 suzuki gsxr-1000r matte gray

Suzuki Japan is updating its colour offerings for the 2021 GSXR-1000R with three colour options where the latest additions to the whole mix are the Matte Gray (Glass Matte Mechanical Gray) and Matte Black Metallic. The other colour would be the signature Triton Blue Metallic/Silver Metallic which appeared as the special edition 100th anniversary colour, but will now be offered as one of the standard colour options.

The rest of Suzuki's range-topping superbike remains the same, which includes its slightly dated but still very capable 999cc inline-four engine which produces around 195hp at 13,200rpm and 117Nm of torque 10,800rpm. It might be a bit underwhelming compared to other offerings in the market, but that has not stopped the GSXR-1000R from winning races, the latest of which was the 24 Heures Motos at Le Mans last month.

2021 suzuki gsxr-1000r matte gray specs

For the latest 2021 model colour update, the Japanese market will be selling the Gixxer at 2,156,000 yen a piece, which is around the RM83,000 mark. For the Malaysian market, the brand's official distributor has been keeping a tight lid on its operation, but one of its dealers in Klang (Wah Motor Superbikes) has begun to accept pre-orders for several Suzuki models, including the GSXR-1000R.

No word on pricing and availability just yet, but we know that Suzuki Malaysia (two-wheel) is planning for a major return in 2021. Despite all of their efforts, their plans have been pushed to a later date thanks to all the complications which have surfaced due to COVID-19 and how the Malaysian government is currently handling the whole situation. Stay tuned for more updates.