There is another way to rebody a Porsche 964

By topgear, 01 September 2018

The art of taking a 964-generation Porsche 911 and modifying to look different is not new. Singer has been doing such things for a little while. But while it takes a 964 and transmogrifies it into something classic and classy, DP Motorsport has procured a 964 Turbo and morphed it into… this.

What started as a 1992-vintage 911 Turbo in black is now a replica of a 935 racecar that just so happens to be road legal. The 935 came in numerous forms, but the one DP is recalling used IMSA engines from the Porsche 962 racecar.

There’s no IMSA engine here, sadly. Though perhaps not for your neighbours. Instead there’s the 3.3-litre flat-six turbo from its road-going base car, tuned up to around 450bhp (up 130bhp) and allied to a stainless-steel exhaust. The suspension has been upgraded to compensate for a such a jump, while there are new three-piece 18in alloys.

The body is fibreglass with carbon reinforcements, while inside there are ‘lollipop seats’ – just look at their shape – as well as a rollcage. Though goodies like electric windows and a CD player remain, somewhat taking the edge off the road racer vibe. It does mean you might be tempted to use DP Motorsport’s utterly wild 964 for everyday tasks, though. And if you own a car like this, you really should…