The Volvo C40 Recharge is an all-electric coupe-SUV

By topgear, 03 March 2021

Hot on the heels of Ford and Jaguar, Volvo has promised to go all-electric by 2030. And here we have the first of “several electric models” it’s planning to launch in the next few years as it works towards that target, a coupe-ified version of the XC40 crossover.

Technically the first-ever Volvo designed to be electric-only (Polestar is a separate brand now, remember), the C40 Recharge sits on the same CMA platform as the XC40 and Polestar 2.

Has the same powertrain, too, with an electric motor each for the front- and rear-axles and a 78kWh lithium-ion battery in between. Volvo says a fast-charge to 80 per cent takes 40 minutes on a 150kW charger, and that a full battery is good for around 418 kilometres of WLTP range. Over-the-air software updates mean this should improve over time.

402bhp and 660Nm gets this near-2.2 tonne SUV to 100kph from a standstill in 4.9 seconds. As with all Volvos the top speed is limited to 180kph.

Volvo C40
Volvo C40

Head-on the C40 looks pretty much the same as the electric version of the XC40, with the rakish rear-end visible only as you walk around to one side. The C40 is 70mm lower than the XC40 and a fraction shorter, but exactly the same width.

Inside you’ll find no leather whatsoever – another first for Volvo – and the excellent Google Android-based infotainment system from the Polestar & electric XC40.

Fancy one? Along with pledging to go totally electric by 2030 (and promising EVs will account for half of all sales by 2025), Volvo has also announced all its future EVs (including the C40) will only be available to buy online. It’s part of a broadening of the ‘Care by Volvo’ subscription programme.

The C40 is due to go into production this autumn at Volvo’s factory in Belgium. Prices haven’t been confirmed, but expect the C40 to start at over £50,000 (RM280k). After all, the XC40 P8 costs £53k (RM296k).