The very first A90 Toyota Supra sold for $2.1m (RM8.7 million)

By topgear, 24 January 2019

What’s the retail on one of those, we hear you cry? Well, considerably more than the actual retail. Ladies and gentlemen, the very, very first brand-new Toyota Supra – that’s the A90 one you might not have heard about – has just sold at auction.

For $2.1m. Two-point-one million dollars.

It was sold via Barrett-Jackson at the company’s auction at WestWorld of Scottsdale. That full $2.1m (RM8.7m) sum will be donated to the American Heart Association and the Bob Woodruff Foundation.


It gets a special VIN number too, if that sort of thing excites you, a VIN number ending in 20201. The car itself is finished in matt grey, with red mirror caps and matt black wheels. Inside there’s a red interior with carbon fibre inserts.

Deeper inside still, there’s a BMW-sourced 3.0-litre turbo sixer with an eight-speed auto, a limited slip diff and drive sent to the rear wheels. All in, this new Supra makes 340bhp and 500Nm of torque, is capable of accelerating from 0-100kph in 4.3secs and will top out at 250kph.

“The incredible excitement of the Supra rolling across the block was felt by everyone in the arena,” explains Barrett-Jackson boss Craig Jackson. “This was a moment that was 20 years in the making.”

The winning bidder also got a VIP track experience, along with customised racing overalls, tickets to the ‘Toyota Owners 400’ NASCAR race and - very excitingly - a chance to drive the pace car there. Yikes.