The Toyota Supra GT4 is ready to do some racing

By topgear, 17 March 2020

This is the Toyota Supra GT4, and it is ready to do some motorsport. If there’s any motorsport happening for it to do, that is.

The GT4 has now been fully homologated, which basically means you can now buy and race one. Indeed, several are already lined up and ready to go.


Here in the UK, Speedworks Motorsport is entering one into the British GT championship, while German team Ring Racing (guess where their base is) have bought a couple, one of which will compete in the VLN series at (good guess!) the Nürburgring.

Its driving experience ought to answer critics of the road-going Supra’s slightly soft nature, too. With over 100kg less and nearly 100bhp more (at 1,350kg and 430bhp), it’ll be a faster, feistier thing, although racy additions like the ‘Intelligent GT4 Racing System’ – shouldn’t make it too scary.

It costs from around £175,000 (approx. RM929,685). Want one?