The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is here

By topgear, 05 March 2021

In 2020, a third of all Porsches sold in Europe had an electric or hybrid drivetrain. By 2025, it’ll be more like half. The fully electric Taycan sports saloon is already a big catalyst of change, having outsold the Boxster and Cayman individually last year, and no doubt outselling the entire 718 range by the end of 2021.

Not least because there’s a new one. Meet the Taycan Cross Turismo, an off-road ready estate version of Porsche’s Tesla Model S rival. Except in this instance, Porsche is offering something Tesla doesn’t quite. This is a car that appears more reflective of the crossover zeitgeist than a Model X.

In summary, it’s a Taycan that’s a little taller and much roomier. The Cross Turismo sits 20mm higher than the (admittedly really quite low) standard saloon, or 30mm if you’ve specced the optional off-road pack. There’s an additional 47mm of headroom in the rear, which is a welcome boost to a car that was hardly going to oust Porsche’s own Panamera from limo duties. There’s also more space for feet beneath the front seats and a trebling of maximum luggage volume, up past 1,200 litres with the seats flipped.

It launches in the UK with four powertrains: the Taycan 4 kicks things off at £79,340 (RM450k) with 375bhp, 0-100kph in 5.1secs and a 455-km range. The Taycan 4S costs £87,820 (RM500k) and offers 483bhp, 4.1secs and 452km.

Taycan CT
Taycan CT

Then there are the Turbos, both with a 616bhp powerplant but differing launch control systems: the stock Taycan Turbo starts at £116,950 (RM660k) and ups peak power to 670bhp (on overboost) from a standstill, for 0-100kph in 3.3secs. Range sticks at 452km. The Turbo S is £139,910 (RM760k) and cranks things up to 750bhp on overboost for a 2.9secs sprint, dipping max range to 418km in the process. We’ve had a drive in that car right here.

The Cross Turismo gets a number of things as standard, including air suspension with PASM electronic damper control and the higher performance 93.4kWh battery which is a four grand option on lower-rung Taycan saloons.

As a result, the premium you’ll pay for the Cross Turismo varies depending on spec, but it works out just shy of £1,100 (RM6.2k) over a like-for-like Taycan four-door. Which strikes us as very good value indeed. All the more reason to indulge in some very frivolous extras, such as Porsche’s eBike cross (£7,500/RM42k) and eBike Sport (£9,500/RM54k) in order to fully take advantage of the soft-roading Taycan’s fancy new bicycle carrier, whose design allows the rear tailgate to fully function behind it. The fact you could tow a second-hand Boxster along on a trailer for similar cash is neither here nor there…