The Pininfarina Teorema was developed entirely in virtual reality

By topgear, 15 July 2021

Welcome back to another all-electric, fully-autonomous concept designed purportedly around the wellbeing of its occupants. Pininfarina says the Teorema, which was developed entirely in virtual reality, is all about “creating a sense of community and fostering interactions amongst passengers and the outdoor environment”. Right. 

The Teorema is just 1,400mm tall but a whopping 5,400mm long. It’s based on a skateboard-style platform full of batteries, leaving as much space as possible for up to five occupants, and is completely autonomous. You’ll have noticed it doesn’t appear to have any doors – access is from the rear, aided by a roof that moves up and forwards. 

Of course depending on what mode the car is in, the seats move around to accommodate whatever it is you want to do while the Teorema silently shuttles you to your destination. You can sit upright facing any direction or lay flat and have a kip. Entertainment is courtesy of a company called WayRay, and a head-up display-style system that projects “crisp and vivid virtual images with unprecedented color depth” onto the car’s windscreen and side windows. Some of those windows can be dimmed if you want a bit of privacy. 

What do you reckon, Internet?