The Nurburgring is re-opening to the public

By topgear, 30 April 2020

The Nurburgring’s “Touristenfahrten” sessions – where the whole 13-mile track is opened to the public – are the stuff of automotive legend. Something every petrolhead ought to have on their bucket list. Around 170 were planned for 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic means none have been able to take place since mid-March.

Until now. Beginning on 30 April the ‘Ring will host ‘contactless tourist days’, where extra safety measures will be enforced to minimise face-to-face contact with the track’s staff and other drivers.

Now you have to buy tickets online in advance rather than on the day, can have no more than one passenger in your car, and when you’re on site you’re only allowed to get out of your car to use the one designated bathroom. Moreover, all the car parks around the track are closed to discourage spectators.

People drive for miles for Touristenfahrten sessions, but obviously they won’t be able to at the minute given all the travel restrictions in place around Europe. So for the foreseeable this is just for Germans, and local ones at that, given all the hotels in the area remain closed.

But still, good to see the ‘Ring taking these measures to get things going again. Stay safe everyone.