The new Peugeot i-Cockpit dash features a 21-inch floating touchscreen

By Clifford, 08 June 2023

The new Peugeot i-Cockpit dash features a 21-inch floating touchscreen

Peugeot has revealed its next-generation dashboard – dubbed ‘i-Cockpit’ – that’ll debut on the new 3008 later this year. And the big news is thus: the steering wheel’s the same size as before.

Oh, and there’s a socking great 21in curved touchscreen sitting atop the dashboard. Welcome to 2023. Please wipe your fingers before entry.

Peugeot tells us 10 million i-Cockpit cars have been sold in the 10 years since it was first unveiled, which means at least five million people are still struggling with either jacking up the steering wheel and partially obscuring the dash or slamming it to see properly.

Saying that, this new one incorporates a head-up display too, and this isn’t a bunch of screens tied together with string, but instead one single high-definition panel extending from the driver’s side right into the centre console. There’s LED mood lighting beneath to create a sort of ‘floating’ effect and all jests aside, this is an impressive dash.

It’s been angled towards the driver and includes many important things one would require of a journey in an automobile. Things like speed, power, driving aids and energy flow, for example. That’s bundled on the driver’s side. On the other side sit all the other important bits like heating, air-con, sat nav and your medias.

There are touch-sensitive buttons housed in the centre of the dash that can be programmed to your favourite presets – contacts, nav, heating, that sort of thing. Otherwise it’s a very clean, sharp design (which Peugeot’s a dab hand at of course).

Oh yes, the wheel. It’s the same size as before, but Peugeot tells us it’s been reworked and features tactile buttons. Fancy, no?

TEXT Vijay Pattni