The Mini Moke is back and it's Electric

By Gokul, 30 May 2022

Back from the brink of death, the Mini Moke has been given a new electrified life

Electric Moke

If we are to make a list of the most iconic vehicles of all time, there is no denying the fact that the Mini Moke will be there among the top 10.

Sold originally by British Motor Corporation (BMC), and subsequently marketed under the Austin, Morris and Leyland brands, the small, convertible, front-wheel-drive utility and recreational vehicle has been around since 1964.

Although most Mokes have disappeared from the roads, there are still a few mint units hiding in the garages of avid fans and car collectors around the world including Malaysia.

Last manufactured in Italy in the early 1990s for markets like Portugal among others, the future didn't look very promising for the Moke at that time, as it seemed like it was heading towards extinction. 

However, things changed in 2012 when Moke International teamed up with Chery Automotive's designer Michael Young and Sicar Engineering to design a new version called 'Moke' with the intention of releasing the car in Thailand, Australia, the Caribbean, the Seychelles and Mauritius, and Egypt. 

Electric Moke dashboard

Fast forward a few years, Moke International released a continuation model in 2020 with a classic look that traced it heritage back to the original BMC Buckboard prototype. 

This particular version was powered by a 1,083 cc four-cylinder fuel injected petrol engine with either manual or automatic transmission and is made in France. 

Electric Moke

And this is also the model which is being used as the basis for the electric version built by Moke International, which is powered by a 44 hp electric motor which enables the electric Moke to cover around 143 km and hit a top speed of 55 km/h.

Weighing only 800 kg, the electric Moke can be charged using a Type 2 socket in approximately four hours. 

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