The Lister LFT-C is a 666bhp drop-top Jag F-Type

By topgear, 24 March 2019

The car formerly known as the Lister LFT-666, formerly known as the Lister Thunder, formerly known as the Jaguar F-Type, has morphed guise again. This time, we’ve got a roadster version of Lister’s tuned Jag. And it’s very, very powerful.

It’s called the Lister LFT-C, and the headlines are thus: 666bhp from the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 – up from 542bhp in the Jaguar’s flagship, the F-Type SVR.

That means 0-100kph in “just over three seconds” (the coupe managed 3.2sec) and a top speed of over 330kph. You’ll need something with a McLaren badge to go faster in a British drop-top. Or a Caterham. Or a BAC Mono, if you have no friends.


This is more than just an engine tune, though. The upgrades are familiar from the Lister LFT-666 coupe, and they are extensive. A deeper front bumper, bigger rear diffuser, wider rear arches and a new rear spoiler are fitted, fashioned from – what else – carbon fibre.

We’re told the brakes and suspension have been upgraded, though details are scarce on what exactly has been done to contain the fury of a 666bhp F-Type. There’s a new exhaust, meanwhile, which has been tuned to “work perfectly with an open cockpit vehicle.”

Each LFT-C will cost £139,000 (RM746,500) before bespoke options, which is actually a few hundred quid cheaper than the coupe. Only 10 will be built, each with a numbered solid silver plaque.

Busy times ahead for Lister, then. The company has sold out its 2019 allocation of LFT-666 coupes, and has also promised a 200mph F-Pace SUV, a new Knobbly reimagining, and as far back as 2014, a 1,000bhp hypercar.  

Oh, and if you fancy the LFT-C’s handsome show without the hairy 666bhp go, Lister will sell the bodykit and wheels for a standard F-Type (which was hardly lacking punch) for £9,750 (RM53,000).

But could you live with the shame?