The Lincoln Continental has SUICIDE DOORS now

By topgear, 22 December 2018
Lincoln Continental

Suicide doors are just cool, aren’t they? Hopelessly impractical for quite a lot of the time, admittedly, but brilliantly cool all the same. You don’t see them around much nowadays, except on Rolls-Royces, but thanks to Lincoln that’s about to change. 

To honour the Continental of the Sixties, which among other things is famous for having suicide doors, it’s building a run of 80 modern-day Continentals with the very same feature. 

The Continental ‘Coach Door Edition’ celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Continental name, which was first used in 1939. 80 will be built for the 2020 model year, each featuring those rather glorious doors.


The whole car is six inches longer than standard to allow for the bigger doors, which open at a 90-degree angle to make ingress and egress as elegant as possible. A flow-through centre console features storage plus a tablet holder. 

Each Conti features a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, giving 400bhp and 542Nm, lots of leather and wood and a plaque commemorating its specialness. 

Cool, or a gimmick for gimmick’s sake?