The Land Rover Defender configurator is already live

By topgear, 11 September 2019

Good news, procrastinators of Top Gear. The new Land Rover Defender might only have been a thing for a few minutes, but we already have a remarkably detailed online configurator to play with. And play with it we have. The short-wheelbase Defender 90 arrives a few months after the 110, so for now the configurator only lets you play with the long-wheelbase five, six or seven-seat car. Fine by us.

First, you have to choose your spec. Standard Defender 110 (then base, S, SE or HSE), Defender First Edition or chintzy Defender 110 X. Prices start at £45,240, £58,860 and £78,800 respectively. The standard Defender 110 gets a choice of engines - a 2.0-litre diesel with 200 or 240bhp or a 2.0-litre petrol with 300bhp. The First Edition is only available with the 240bhp diesel, while the 110 X is so far the only Defender with the 400bhp mild-hybrid straight-six petrol.

Then you’re into the options list, which is very dangerous indeed. Some option costs change depending on what spec you’ve gone for (the 22in wheels, for example, cost £4,900 on the basic, normally steel-wheeled Defender), but in any case things get very silly very quickly. The 110 X might start at almost £80K, but you can still add a load to it that sees the RRP sail past £92K. For a Defender.

That said, on pretty much any Defender you can add one of four ‘Accessory Packs’. Explorer (£3,418) is the priciest and gives you mudflaps, a raised air-intake, a big roof-rack and side-mounted gear carrier among other things. Adventure (£2,402) gets an integrated air compressor and a water tank with a hose for cleaning dogs, mountain bikes and so-on. Then you’ve got Country (£1,565 - mud-flaps, scuff plates, wheel-arch protection) and Urban (£517 - spare wheel cover, some bright-finish trim).

Scroll through the gallery above for inspiration, then click on these words to have a go building your own. Set yourself a timer though, or you’ll be there for hours.