The K-ZE is Renault's next affordable EV

By topgear, 03 October 2018

Say hello to Renault’s next electric car. The K-ZE is an ‘SUV-inspired’ EV with a claimed range of around 155miles on the old NEDC cycle. We know that doesn’t sound like much – Renault’s existing EV, the Zoe, can go farther than that – but don’t fret.

This isn’t an EV you’ll want to do vast distances in, like a Tesla or e-Golf, because it’s truly miniscule. A-Segment, says Renault, making it roughly the same size as a Volkswagen Up or Citroen C1. So it doesn’t need masses of range.

It’s scheduled to go on sale next year, first in China (where it will be built locally) then elsewhere in the world. Details are especially scant right now, but we’re promised easy charging from both public and household sockets and a techy interior with connected navigation.

At the same event, held on the eve of this year’s Paris Motor Show, company boss Carlos Ghosn also confirmed Renault will soon offer a hybrid powertrain for the Clio, and plug-in hybrid powertrains for the Megane and Captur. It’s all part of the company’s ‘Drive the Future’ plan, as it plods towards total electrification.