The Honda sports saloon is back. In America...

By topgear, 15 August 2019

This is just teasing. We love a sports saloon at TG, and back in our day there used to be loads to choose from. Even Honda made one, in the shape of the thoroughly excellent Accord Type R with its thoroughly excellent manual gearchange.

Then the fast SUV arrived, like a lion among the gazelles. It sent the sports saloon scarpering, with only the hardiest few – burly AMGs and M Cars, and the occasional wild card from Lexus – sticking around. Even Jaguar has killed the XJR, much to our sadness.

Thus news of America getting a new one – and a Honda, at that (kind of) – has made us green with envy. This is the Acura Type S concept, and as well as being devilishly handsome, it also previews a new generation of fast posh Hondas. The Type S badge has great heritage, having been bolted to the back of numerous Honda Accord-ish saloons, but only when they had the right stuff beneath the skin. Often this meant a V6 engine with around 250bhp and a manual transmission.

Type Ss have been absent from the Acura range for a decade, but this signals their return. First up will be a quick version of the TLX saloon, a car which already comes with a 290bhp 3.5-litre V6 in its range, optionally allied to an all-wheel-drive system similar to the one you’ll find fitted to the Acura NSX. A good base, then. Let’s just hope the Type S treatment brings even more power and a shot in the arm for stick shifting.