The Brabham BT63 GT2 is one mean looking racecar

By topgear, 05 August 2021

The racecar for the road has become a racecar again. Meet the £350k, 600bhp BT63

Brabham BT63 GT2 Front

Quite a thing, huh? It’s the Brabham BT63 GT2, and it’s the racier version of a car that was pretty racy in the first place.

The Brabham BT62 is a race-ready road and track toy for those seeking a nostalgia trip in an age of electrified hypercars. This BT63 GT2 is a race-ready racecar, all prepped to compete against Audi, KTM, Lamborghini and Porsche in the new for 2021 category.

At first glance the BT63 appears similar to the BT62, but look closer and you’ll spot more aggressive aero – there’s a rear diffuser ready to snag unsuspecting angles and a big fin running down the car’s spine.

Motorsport being what it is – mired in rules – this is actually heavier and less powerful than the BT62 road car, with 600bhp to propel its 1,250 kilos (compared to 700bhp and around 1,100kg for the 62). It’s been designed by the same team, though, and can likely have either figure pulled up or down in line with regs.

BT63 GT2 rear lights
BT63 GT2 front lights

The BT63 will actually debut at the final round of the 2021 GT2 European Series, which rather neatly takes place at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, where the Brabham F1 team scored its last win. Nelson Piquet at the 1985 French Grand Prix, fact fans.

Brabham will then work with the series’ coordinator – SRO – on regulations for the 2022 season, which is when the BT63 GT2 will make its debut proper.

Fancy a crack? The GT2 “will offer a compelling performance-price package, with full factory-backed support available", for the sum of 400,000 euros. Or just a little over RM2 million.