The Aiways U6 is a Chinese EV with a gaming-inspired cockpit

By topgear, 21 July 2021

In terms of inspirations for car interiors, Chinese brand Aiways is going for the Triple Crown with its new U6 electric coupe-SUV.

Yep, it’s referencing gaming, space travel and motorsport (more specifically Formula E), and do you know what? We rather like the end result.

Okay, there definitely could be more buttons to replace some of the functions in that massive 14.6-inch frameless central screen, but just check out the Star Wars-style gear selector. That is very cool. 

The colours are great too. Above you can see both options – the first being what Aiways describes as 'blue and creamy white' whilst the second is a more simple black and orange. Apparently there’ll also be a special edition U6 that’ll feature a black and blue interior with lashings of carbon fibre. 

aiways u6 interior
aiways u6 interior

The U6 is aimed at a younger audience compared to Aiways’ first product, the U5 (which has already gone on sale in mainland Europe). So, to try and attract said youths, there are speakers in the headrests, seats that are apparently a mixture of gaming chair and pilot’s cockpit seat and buttons on the steering wheel to make it look like a games console controller. Oh, and if you’re wondering where Formula E comes into it – apparently the two-spoke steering wheel was inspired by the one on the all-electric racers. Hmm.

Mass production will start in China by the end of this year. What do we think, Internet?