The 1,900bhp Pininfarina Battista: it moves!

By topgear, 09 August 2019

You probably know the Pininfarina Battista by now. If not, here’s a quick recap: fully electric, 1,900bhp, 0-100kph in sub 2.0secs, styling by one of the biggest names in the business. If this doesn’t sway you from petrol performance cars, nothing will.

Up until now, we’ve only really seen it at a standstill. Sure, there were a few snaps of it trundling through New York – looking very pretty in the process – but heck, this has nearly two thousand horsepower. Trundling is not its forte.

Thus seeing the Battista wind its way around a beautiful mountain pass, the natural hunting ground of the supercar, is an exciting moment. Let’s forget the logistic issues (and likely range anxiety) of stretching the legs of a plug-in supercar far away from actual plugs, and just imagine how much fun its driver must be having.

Sure, Italian supercars traditionally bounce the wail of a V8 or V12 off the surrounding rock face, something the Battista can’t offer. But that merely ensures fewer distractions as you concentrate on piloting a car that hits 186mph in 12 seconds without ending up teetering over the edge like some unintentional homage to The Italian Job.

It looks much more dramatic with a bit of real life as its backdrop as opposed to a photography studio, we reckon. Just look at that wing.

Like what you see?

Let Top Gear walk you around the Pininfarina Battista in this video