Thanks SUVs: the Volkswagen Beetle is officially dead

By topgear, 12 July 2019

It’s official – production of the Volkswagen Beetle has ended, though we knew this day was coming.

While the Beetle’s pre-war conception is well documented, it was thanks to the people who reclaimed it and transformed the Beetle’s image in the 1960s and 70s that helped cement the car’s legacy.

Since then, with the introduction of the second and third generations, the Beetle was the one car in the VW line up that retained a genuine sense of individuality and identity. Even if was a bit hit and miss. And it’s being killed off to make way for compact SUVs and crossovers.

bye bye Beetle
bye bye Beetle

The car you see in the first two images above has the honour of being the last ever off the production line. It’s a coupe with those lovely retro wheels and a paint colour known as ‘Denim Blue’. How very Beetle.

This last one won’t be sold though – it’ll go straight into the Volkswagen Puebla Museum in Mexico, right next to the factory where all 500,000 second and third generation cars were built.

Volkswagen of America has confirmed that the very same factory will now build a “North American market-focused compact SUV that fits in the manufacturer’s lineup below the Tiguan”.

Will you be mourning the loss of the Beetle? Or will you embrace it’s demise in style with one of the 75 Collector’s Edition run-out special that’s now on sale locally?