Thai outfit turns Toyota MR-S into Lamborghini Veneno

By ahmadzulizwan, 31 May 2019

This copycat Lamborghini Veneno roadster has been making the internet rounds, and for good reason. One: it’s trying to imitate one of Lamborghini’s most complex bodywork ever, and two: it was done by a humble outfit in Asia (of course!). In fact, just up north in Thailand.

The knockoff Veneno started its life as a Toyota MR2 Spyder (MR-S for us in Asia) before being sawed, hammered, plastered, and fibre-ed (yes, not an actual word) into one of Lamborghini’s most spectacular looking limited-production car. Honestly, they did a pretty good job even if the pictures here are not of the finished product, yet. And although we do not get to see the cabin and dashboard (remember this equally ambitious Accord/Aventador), we hope it’s given equal attention.

Obviously this workshop is ahead of its game, especially if you go through their Facebook page. The MR2 Veneno is not the sole Frankenstein there as Nissan GT-Rs, BMW Z4s and Honda Civics are also seen with some work done. Admittedly, none has gone through a transformation as drastic as the MR2 Spyder.

Which makes us curious. Do YOU have a Toyota MR2, because would you?