Super GT back to Sepang in 2020?

By ahmadzulizwan, 09 November 2018

It’s Friday, a time when most people shove some fun into their lives. And here’s something else to smile about – the Super GT championship is planned to come back to its original fly-away race here in Malaysia.

We have just received word that promoter of the series, GTA Co. Ltd. has reached an agreement with local outfit Haro Sports & Entertainment to bring the championship back to the Sepang Circuit in 2020. It will also be held at night, the first ever night race for Super GT.

Super GT last came to Malaysia in 2013, and considering that Sepang was in the calendar since year 2000 as an exhibition race – and with the exception of 2003 – there were 13 races which absolutely thrilled racing fans… and for reasons I don’t have to mention here, attracted a big number of ‘photographers’ too.

“We hope that not only the drivers, teams and car manufacturers but also everyone involved in Super GT will work together with Haro and the local staff involved in operations at Sepang to help the people of Malaysia share in the enjoyment of motor sports and create a race event based on a shared understanding of automobile culture. At the same time, I hope that through Super GT we can contribute to promoting exchange that builds friendship between Malaysia and Japan.”


We have to stress that at this point of time, there is no concrete agreement that Super GT will without a doubt be held at Sepang in 2020. Instead, the two parties (GTA Co. and Haro) are actively working on the project. Let’s hope it works out!

Haro is a sports, entertainment and marketing firm with a core business that revolves around football, golf, e-sports in Malaysia. It has played an integral part in the successful acquisition of partners and in the development of its commercial properties for the Pahang Football Association (Pahang FA), a Malaysian professional football club.

Fahrizal Hassan, managing partner of Haro, said, “ Japan is synonymous with innovation, and at Haro, we are all about reinventing the wheel. The return of Super GT to Malaysia will be history in the making. It will be the first ever SUPER GT night race in the world.”