Subaru’s bringing a special STI to America

By ahmadzulizwan, 26 December 2018

Subaru Technica International (STI) is in a giving mood apparently, this time with a teaser of a new STI coming to the upcoming North American International Auto Show in January 2019. No further indication on what it actually is, though, other than we can see that this WRX STI that’s lapping the Virginia International Raceway comes with a proper GT wing. Thus, it must a be hardcore. Oh, such a surprise.

Won’t be the first time. This has in fact become quite predictable. Subaru has been trying to keep this once-majestic nameplate interesting for quite a while, even when they’ve officially pulled the WRX out of Europe last year, and still managed to produce a special edition (of sort).

In fact just over six months ago, Subaru USA did come out with the WRX STI Series Gray. What can this new Rex bring? Certainly not a brute power fight to the latest hot-hatches (by latest, we mean those that go as far back as two years ago!) which are already comfortably doing mid-300 horses while Subaru manages much less.

Still, we’re much looking forward to it. The Detroit show promises to look good, as usual.