Subaru has updated the BRZ, and guess what?

By topgear, 18 September 2018

The Subaru BRZ (and Toyota GT86) aren’t like other cars. Other cars use modern turbocharged engines, and prioritise a seamless smartphone link-up over how likely the rear tyres are to relinquish grip to allow hilarious slides.

Other cars also get replaced after half a dozen years on sale. Not the BRZ, though, which has just had a round of updates that if you blink, you really will miss.

So nope, still no turbo, and no more power at all. You still get a 2.0-litre flat-flour engine with around 200bhp, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox you want, or a six-speed automatic gearbox you don’t.

Instead, the 2019 model year BRZ (yep, this is an update by Subaru America) gets a new touchscreen setup that will automatically update you on your favourite sports team. No word on whether this works in Britain for the latest score from Havant & Waterlooville vs Gateshead while you’re out for a Saturday afternoon drive.


There’s also a new special edition, the Series.Gray (their weird full stop and spelling), which gets grey paint and some black detailing, including the wheels, and adds about $5,000 to the price. Though there’ll only be 250, so you get some exclusivity.

All BRZs come with the option of a Performance Package too. Costing about a grand, it adds big Brembo brakes and fancy Sachs dampers. If you’re buying this car because you like driving – and let’s face it, you’re buying the wrong car if you aren’t – it seems like a much better use of your money than some five grand paint.

Expect a handful of these changes to make it to UK and European BRZs in due course. Expect those not to get more power, either…