Subaru BRZ and WRX join GoCar's subscription fleet

By daryl, 22 February 2021

Remember when TC Euro Cars (TCEC) made it possible for Malaysians to 'own' a Renault Megane RS on a subscription basis? The French hot hatch now has two new rivals – or rather, stablemates – as far as sports offerings in the car-sharing market are concerned now that the Subaru BRZ and WRX have joined the fast-growing fleet of GoCar Subs. 

Also a subsidiary of TCEC, GoCar has bolstered its subscription catalogue with a new 'Sports' category, which allows customers to experience either Subaru sports car for up to three years, on a fixed monthly fee. The subscription is priced from RM2,699 a month for a 36-month contract, with the monthly bill for shorter, 24- and 12-month plans rising to RM2,999 and RM3,299 respectively. In addition to a two-month deposit, all monthly payments are fixed and cover the costs of road tax, insurance, scheduled maintenance and wear and tear. 

There is a catch, though. GoCar imposes a mileage limit of 1,650km a month for its Sports category. You'll need to fork out an additional RM300 monthly to gain the same 2,500km leeway as the brand's other subscriptions while an unlimited-mileage plan is also available for an extra RM800 a month. 

If other GoCar Subs plans are anything to go by, subscribers should have the flexibility to swap cars up to twice a year. However, that's not much of a selling point for as long as the range is only made up of two sub-300hp Subies; the cheaper and more varied 'Exec' tier is probably more entertaining in that respect. That said, it's still an interesting proposition for enthusiasts who prefer to sample as many cars as they can in their lifetimes instead of diving into a long-term commitment with the right set of wheels... or is it? 

Sports cars are often more emotional and personal machines than mainstream runabouts. And it remains to be seen if such a program, which likely restricts owners from modifications and track days, can actually take off in a country where the residual value of such vehicles is known to hold up pretty well. Would you rather take on Genting in a 'leased' BRZ or in one that's well and truly yours from bulb to rim?