Someone bought Steve McQueen's bike for RM845,000

By sep, 06 September 2021

A 1968 Husqvarna Viking 360 belonging to Steve McQueen was sold at an auction for RM845,000

A couple of months ago, news broke that one of Steve McQueen's bikes was going up for auction. That said bike was his 1968 Husqvarna Viking 360, a race bike that he bought directly from a Swedish racer, Bengt Aberg during one of his visits to a motocross race series in California.

That's Steve McQueen for ya. He went to a race, saw a guy dominating on his race bike, and decided to buy it from him. And Bengt Aberg was no mere motocross racer, either. In fact, he won the 500cc Motocross Championships back to back in 1969 and 1970. I guess his speed on the Husky fascinated McQueen to purchase the machine.

RM Sotherby's ran the auction last month where it was said it'll fetch somewhere around $100,000 (RM414,500). Fully restored back in 2014, the new owner actually won the auction with his gargantuan final bid of $204,000, which is around RM845,500. This proves that McQueen's legacy is still strong, even in 2021.

The 1968 Husqvarna Viking 360 took over 14 months to be fully restored to its pristine condition, and all the accompanying documents were also included in the package, including the ownership transfer paperwork between Bengt Aberg and Solar Productions, McQueen's production company.

To put things into perspective, you can buy 12 brand new units of the 2021 Ducati Scrambler Nightshift, which also happens to be a very versatile machine that can handle daily travels as well as some weekend fun on the mountain roads. That's the power of one Steve McQueen, folks.

Image source: RM Sotherby's