Sold out: Singer’s amazing DLS project cars are all gone

By topgear, 11 August 2021

Sold out: Singer’s amazing DLS project cars are all gone

Porsche 911 front

Fans of inordinately desirable old air-cooled Porsche 911s with inordinate amounts of disposable income, we bring sad tidings. Singer has sold every single one of its Design and Lightweighting Study cars.

Ahead of a debut for a client’s DLS car at the upcoming Monterey Car Week over in California on Friday, Singer confirmed all 75 planned restorations have been sold. Every. Single. One. Gone.

“Seeing the first client-specification DLS car, from our operations in the UK, back here in California is a significant milestone for us,” explains Singer boss Rob Dickinson. The DLS project car will be displayed alongside a restored 1969 911E – dubbed the ‘Hollywood commission’ – which references Dickinson’s own ’69 Porsche that kickstarted the company.

What’s a ‘DLS’ you might still be wondering? “Utterly mesmeric,” according to TG’s Ollie Marriage. It’s an air-cooled Porsche 911 – the 964 generation – restored, reimagined and packing one of the finest road-going internal combustion engines ever built by human hands.

Of course, it’s more than just a really amazing engine slung in the back of an old 911 – for the full debrief, read’s review of the 10/10 Singer DLS Project here.

Funny to think this £2 million (RM12m) slice of air-cooled unobtanium can trace its roots back to Dickinson ragging the merry flip out of his personal 1969 Porsche around the Hollywood Hills many moons ago.

“I drove the hell out of the car everyday and kept getting stopped to ask if I’d sell it. My answer was always no,” he said. “But the experience was the seed that led to the founding of Singer as a way to enable other owners to pursue their personal vision for the ultimate air-cooled 911.”

Well, any personal vision as long as it’s not the DLS, because as we’ve already said, that’s gone. What do you think Singer should work on next?