Six-time WorldSBK champion just got his motorcycle license!

By sep, 16 July 2021

You would think that a WorldSBK superbike rider would've gotten his motorcycle license sorted before racing on a high-powered 1,000cc superbike, right? Well, that's not the case for Kawasaki Racing Team's factory rider and six-time WorldSBK champion, Jonathan Rea. After winning the crown six times in a row, he finally had the time to take his motorcycle license to ride legally on the road.

Jonathan Rea posted about his journey of obtaining his motorcycle license on his YouTube channel. He apparently had some free time between the rounds of Portugal and Italy to get his tests done. With this license finally sorted, he can now proudly and officially carry the label of the 'the fastest man in Northern Ireland'. 

Unsurprisingly, Rea passed his test on his first go, and his instructor stated that his performance was 'pretty faultless'. We're not sure about what was going on in Rea's mind, but we have a feeling that it might just be a bit more stressful than waiting for the lights to go out at the start of every race, before blasting off on his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR against other world-class superbike riders down to the first corner. We think...

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