Should Peugeot's Le Mans hypercar look like this?

By topgear, 27 November 2019

Spiffing news arrived earlier this month. News that Peugeot is returning to the Le Mans 24 Hours, and under the sport’s next set of regulations which mean at least 20 road-going hypercars will need to accompany entries to endurance racing’s top tier.

Quite what form either race or road car will take, we don’t yet know. It’s hardly like Peugeot has anything even remotely hypercar-esque in its range at the moment. So it’s fallen to car designers with Grade A illustration skills to give us an idea of what to hope for.

The car above arrives thanks to Sean Bull Design. This is his Peugeot 90X, a study into how that 2021 Le Mans entry from the three-time winners might look. Happily it’s wearing the classic livery of Peugeot’s early Nineties victor, the mighty 905, because Sean clearly knows we’re grumpy and old, and that retro race liveries are among the few things that lift us from said grump.

Other information is absent because – naturally – it’s a made-up thing. But Sean does say it’s based upon the lovely L500 R Hybrid concept from 2016. Don’t tell us you’d forgotten about it.

So what do you reckon? Should Peugeot’s racecar look like this? And are retro liveries officially the greatest?

Image: Sean Bull Design