Should Maserati make a V12-engined speedster like this?

By topgear, 15 January 2020

Meet a very not-real Maserati MilleMiglia concept. It’s the work of Luca Serafini, a digital artist with a past in single-seater Italian racers, thanks to his involvement with the ‘Mad Modena Racers’ Formula Student team.

It couldn’t have arrived at a better time. While a good portion of the car industry goes electrified, autonomous and – ultimately – a bit worthy, a handful of carmakers intend the last decade or two of internal combustion to be as loud and ‘why is my face covered in flies?’ as possible.

The Ferrari MonzaMcLaren Elva and Aston Martin V12 Speedster all put a new-ish spin on an old formula: the roofless special that used to hare around Italian roads on the Mille Miglia.

Serafini has imagined Maserati’s take on the formula, and dare we say it looks flipping sensational. Mind, as a single-seater there’ll be no room for a co-driver (aka passenger) on your endeavours.

“Halo single-seaters like the Maserati 250F and 6CM were the starting point for my inspirations,” says Serafini. “I wanted to give it modern surfacing and proportions.

“The MilleMiglia concept is a homage to the craftsmen I had the chance and pleasure to work with. My passion for car design grew on me thanks to their involvement. They should be inspiring examples for the next generations with their hard work and passion coming from the heart. They are part of our heritage.”

A sweet story, then. And a sweet car, too. What chance a production version, based upon the Ferrari Monza much like the Maserati MC12 was spun off the Enzo? Um, probably none, given Maserati’s about to go completely independent with its engine production. But what a send-off to the era of Ferrari-hearted Masers this would be. And what a group test it’d be joining. We’ve got our driving goggles freshly cleaned and ready.

Images: Luca Serafini